New Energy Technologies Research Group

Group Members

Altuğ Şişman,  Prof. Dr. (Head of the Group)

Burak Barutçu,  Assist. Prof. Dr.

Fatih Öztürk,  Assist. Prof. Dr.

Gülru Babaç,  Res. Assist.

Ahmet Gültekin

Kerem Turhan

Murat Aydın

Sevan Karabetoğlu

Murat Ferhat Doğdu

Main Research Interests

  • Heat Pumps
  • Thermoelectric generators & Direct energy conversion,
  • Theoretical and experimental characterization of batteries,
  • Energy storage and power generation based on cryogenic liquids

Mission of NET-RG

New Energy Technologies Research Group (NET-RG); aims to develop alternative technologies for energy conversion and storage processes, which has some advantages over the conventional technologies. NET-RG; proposes to contribute to the developement of new technological devices.

In this perspective, NET-RG conducts the theoretical and applied research and development studies about heat pumps, thermoelectrics and battery management systems. The group has common projects with the industrial sector.

Last Update: 20.04.2015