Physical properties of materials depend on their size and shape at nanoscale due to the quantum nature of particles confined within. In Dr. Alhun Aydin's words: "by introducing a size-invariant shape transformation, we separate size and shape effects from each other and propose the existence and explore the consequences of a new type of physical effect appearing at the quantum scales, which we call here as "quantum shape effect". It was shown how thermodynamic properties of confined systems can be affected by quantum shape effects and explore the consequences of the effect which leads to some novel thermodynamic behaviors. 

A new method was developed to analytically predict the quantum shape effects, reducing a thermodynamic problem into a geometric one and revealing the profound link between the geometry and thermodynamics at the quantum scales. Furthermore, it was introduced the isoformal, shape preserving, process and propose new thermodynamic cycles operating at nanoscale with unique features. Quantum shape effects proposed in his PhD thesis as well as their applications, have a potential to bring new insights into and open up new developments in nano energy science and technology.


Dr. Alhun Aydın currently works as a postdoctoral researcher in the Heller Group at Harvard University, USA. His current research is focused on the development of the coherent state representation for lattice vibrations and electron coherence effects. This fresh perspective of coherent electron-lattice dynamics could result to a better theoretical understanding of metallic resistivity of some unconventional materials.