ITU Energy Institute Asst. Prof. Dr. Senem ŞENTÜRK LÜLE has become the national counterpart of the International Atomic Energy Agency Technical Cooperation Project RER0043 “Enhancing Capacity Building Activities in the European Nuclear and Radiation Safety Organizations for the Safe Operation of Facilities”. The project aims to strengthen regional cooperation in developing and maintaining capacity building programs for nuclear and radiation safety facilities and activities.

Throughout the project, European Regional Nuclear Safety and Security Education Network (ERNSSEN) was established to assist in the establishment and promotion of national academic education programs in nuclear safety, nuclear security and radiation safety/radiation protection in the region and support existing programs, which are needed to provide the education necessary for the complex and diverse infrastructure in the Member States. The Network members will cooperate in this endeavor and take the initiative to identify areas for improvement, in response to their need to ensure a sustainable supply of competent human resources and achieve a high level of nuclear safety, nuclear security and radiation safety.

ITU Energy Institute Deputy Director Asst. Prof. Dr. Senem ŞETÜRK LÜLE has been selected as the vice president of ERNSSEN in 2019.