The "Energy Mini MBA Program", which includes the basic and prominent courses of the "Master of Business Administration" and "Master of Energy" programs, was launched within ITUSEM with the cooperation of the Energy Institute and the Faculty of Business Administration.

The program aims to equip the participants with skills in basic management fields such as Finance, Economics, Law, Marketing Management, Project Management, Energy Policies, Renewable and Clean Energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Systems and related issues with Energy Markets and to provide "Management Professionals in the field of Energy" for the energy sector.özgür kayalıca_2

With the Energy Mini MBA program whose coordinator is Energy Institute faculty member Prof. Dr. Ozgur Kayalıca, Energy Markets Operations Inc. (EPIAŞ) personnel were given two rounds of training. 28 participants received certificates in the first round that held between February 8 and March 19, and 20 participants in the second round that held between May 9 and June 18.