In order to strengthen academic exchanges and promote the sharing of experiences and achievements of researchers and experts from academia and industry around the world in the fields of design, analysis, and optimization of rare-earth-free and ferrite magnet machines for improved performance characteristics, application of new materials, new design topologies, loss and torque ripple reduction methods, etc, the editorial department of “CES Transactions on Electrical Machines and Systems” invited Asst. Prof. Tayfun Gundogdu from Energy Institute, Istanbul Technical University as the Guest Editor in Chief to organize the Special Section on “Rare-Earth-Free Electrical Machines”. We warmly welcome prospective experts and scholars in this field to contribute actively. Detailed topics include but are not limited to:

  • Squirrel-cage and wound rotor induction machines;
  • Double-fed induction machines;
  • Salient pole synchronous machines;
  • Electrically excited or wound field machines;
  • Variable reluctance machines;
  • Switched reluctance machines;
  • Synchronous reluctance machines;
  • Rare-earth-free magnet machines;
  • New magnetic, ferromagnetic, and conductor materials for electrical machines;
  • Novel rare-earth-free or ferrite magnet machines;

More details can find in http://www.cestems.org/