The project titled "Development and application of spray-based coating method for obtaining super capacitive coatings in order to increase the energy storage capacity of electric vehicles" sounds like a promising research initiative. Led by Prof. Dr. Nilgün Karatepe Yavuz, this project aims to enhance the energy storage capacity of electric vehicles by utilizing a spray-based coating method on their surfaces. By turning the surfaces of these vehicles into super capacitive coatings, they can potentially store energy, which could lead to improved overall energy efficiency and range for electric vehicles.

The support for this project within the scope of the Research-Oriented Mission Differentiation and Specialization Program of the Council of Higher Education indicates its significance and potential impact in advancing research and technology in Türkiye.

Prof. Dr. Nilgün Karatepe Yavuz's involvement in multiple projects, including "Development of Anode Nano Catalysts, CCM Diffusion Layers for PEM Electrolyzers, and Tomographic Characterizations" and "Thienotiophene TT and Diketopyrolepyrrole," showcases her expertise and commitment to cutting-edge research in various fields.