It's great to hear about the collaborative research project titled "Nanostructuring of mineral-based surface coatings for growth of antiviral activity COVİD-19" involving the ITU Energy Institute and the University of Tirana. The project appears to have a strong team of researchers leading it. Prof. Dr. Nilgun Baydogan and Prof. Arjan Korpa are likely the principal investigators or key researchers involved in the project. Furthermore, the involvement of MSc. Sara Dervishi indicates that the project includes the contribution of talented young researchers, bringing fresh perspectives and ideas to the study.

This research project provides an inside look into the synthesis of different doped TiO₂ photocatalysts supported on zeolite or graphene, in order to obtain surfaces able to inactivate and eliminate COVID-19 by photocatalysis under UV-A. By employing various combinations of raw materials and their respective quantities, distinct nanocomposites comprising metal-doped titanium dioxide in conjunction with graphene or zeolite are synthesized to develop their photocatalytic properties. This research project involves the utilization of specific modules to fabricate concrete cubes, followed by the application of a thin film of photocatalytic nanocoating onto their surfaces which is modified the surface feature by the application of the ionizing radiation.

The collaboration between the ITU Energy Institute and the University of Tirana implies a multidisciplinary approach, potentially combining expertise from material science, nanotechnology, and other related fields to address the research objectives effectively.