Our Quantech@İTU: Condensed Matter Physics and Quantum Technologies in Energy research group

(quantech.itu.edu.tr/research) is focused on understanding the electronic charge, spin as well as structural and vibrational properties of the low temperature quantum phases of certain low dimensional quantum materials. Such efforts enhance their ability to control and manipulate the response of these materials to external probes with a specific interest in developing new generation energy efficient quantum technologies.

 The Quantech@İTU group spends efforts with colleagues from several universities in the United States, Europe and far East Asia in theoretical and computational research. Specifically, primary goal is to understand the abovementioned properties of several transition metal di-chalcogenides and high temperature superconductors. On one side, they focus on the relation between the Kohn anomaly and the unconventional charge density wave formations which tells us about the static low temperature properties and the lattice symmetries. On the other side, the unconventional physics like the occurrence of chiral and topological phonons, dynamical Jahn-Teller effect, chiral charge density waves, anomalous thermoelectric effect, thermal phonon Hall effect are the directions where they use dynamical lattice models and ab-initio techniques. Their research is supported by ITU and our collaborators particularly in the use of computing facilities.