This Laboratory was established with the support of the ITU Energy Institute and the institutions listed below.

  • ITU/BAP Unit
  • Ericom Telecommunication and Energy Technologies Inc.
  • Permosan Energy Machinery Ind. Trd. Inc.
  • ALSA Laboratory Devices Co. Ltd.
  • Inan Machinery
  • Arıtaş Pressure Vessels Ind. Inc.
  • Soil Heat Systems Eng. Trade. Co. Ltd.


  • Regenerative energy storage technologies with cryogenic liquids
  • Experimental characterization of thermoelectric generators at cryogenic temperatures

Research Facilities and Equipment

  • Tesla Turbine
  • Thermoelectric generators of various powers
  • Liquid nitrogen tank (Self-pressurized, 40 bar resistance)
  • Cryo-exchanger (40 bar resistance)
  • Flow controller (PC controlled)
  • High speed, 3-phase, permanent magnet generator
  • 1 PC + 32 channel data acquisition card
  • Multimeter, oscilloscope

Laboratory Staff

Title- Name-SurnameRole and ResponsibilityE-mail / Phone
Asst. Prof. Burak BarutçuLaboratory / +90 212 2853886
Res. Asst. Laboratory Assistant