NAA (Neutron Activation Analysis) method is widely used in environmental control and monitoring, analysis of environmental samples, chemistry and materials science, archaeology, medicine, biology, food analysis, forensic science, history, anthropology, geology and geochemistry, industry, reference materials and quality control analysis.

It is based on the principle of counting the characteristic gamma rays emitted by radioactive isotopes, which are obtained as a result of irradiation of the nuclei of stable atoms in the sample with neutrons, with high resolution detectors. The analysis of the elements in the sample is done as a result of the analysis of the gamma spectra obtained with the counted gamma rays. It is an analysis method that allows the determination of many elements (30-40 elements) below ppm level at the same time. Under suitable conditions, the uncertainty in element determination is on the order of 0.01%.

In the neutron activation analysis laboratory; in addition to Ba, Br, Eu, Sb, Tb, U elements, Ce, Co, Cr, Cs, Fe, La, Na, Rb, Sc, Th elements can be determined with high sensitivity in soil, sediment, rock, metal and mineral samples.


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Our laboratory participated in the "Proficiency Tests" organized by WEPAL (Wageningen Evaluating Programs for Analytical Laboratories) for the purpose of international accreditation in 2011/4, 2012/1, 2013/1, 2015/1 and 2015/2 periods. With this study, the NAA laboratory is on its way to become accredited.


Laboratory Facilities and Equipment

  • Canberra High Purity Germanium (HpGe) n-type coaxial detector in a lead armor
    • Relative efficiency: 40%
    • Resolution: FWHM 2.1 keV at 1.33 MeV 
  • Canberra Eagle Digital Spectrometer
  • Genie 2000 Spectrum Analysis Software
  • Drying oven
  • Precision balance
  • Glove box

Laboratory Staff

Title- Name-SurnameRole and ResponsibilityE-mail / Phone
Prof. Dr. Sema Akyıl ErentürkLaboratory / +90 212 285 3938
Prof. Dr. İskender A. ReyhancanLaboratory / +90 212 285 3884
Res. Asst. Onur ErbayLaboratory / +90 212 285 7393