Group Members

Sermin Onaygil, Prof. Dr.
Abrurrahman Satman, Prof. Dr.
Stephen Lechtenböhmer, Dr.
Ebru Acuner
Sascha Samadi
Antoine Durand

Main Research Areas

Energy balances – optimal system solutions for energy efficiency and renewable energies
Energy scenarios, monitoring and evaluation of energy related data
Energy economics and cost/benefit analysis
Energy efficiency (production, distribution, consumption)
Carbon emissions at energy production consumption stages.


It is aimed to modeling energy supply-demand-consumption through data and scenario analysis as well as monitoring and evaluation methods in order to lead investment decisions and technology selections.

A project titled “Comparative Evaluation of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Strategies by Energy-Economy-Environment Modeling for Turkey and Germany” is conducted by our group. It utilizes by using demand side modelling approach and common scenario analysis considering energy efficiency and renewable energy strategies. The main purpose is to conduct the modeling for Turkey and compare the results with Germany. Other relevant studies conducted in Turkey are also studied and evaluated.

Last Update: 09.04.2014