Energy efficiency and illumination techniques laboratory serves for end-users (industry and building sectors) in order to perform energy efficiency audits and to determine energy quality.

By the help of illumination measurement devices, it is possible to measure characteristic values of lighting systems together with their efficiencies. Moreover, it is planned to design efficient luminaires by additional equipment and software.

Research Areas 

  • To perform energy efficiency audit studies for industry and building sectors.
  • To measure energy quality of electrical systems
  • To measure performances of lighting systems
  • To design luminaires and to make photometric database
  • To measure quality criteria for road and tunnel lighting on the basis of national and international standards and recommendations.

Main Equipment

  • 3 Phase Power Analyzer
  • Data Takers and Related Analyzing Software
  • Electronic Energy-Meters / Counters
  • Daylight Control Automation Systems
  • Illuminance and Luminance Meters and etc.


Laboratory Staff

Title- Name-SurnameRole and ResponsibilityE-mail / Phone
Prof. Dr. Sermin OnaygilLaboratory / +90 212 285 3946
Res. Asst. Dr. Emre ErkinLaboratory / +90 212 285 3879