Radioactive tracers are commonly used for labeling, determination of wear of machine components and wear of high heat oven coating, detection of flow leakage and flow parameters such as velocity. ITU energy institute has been involved in various scientific projects and research by using radioactive tracers.


  • Labeling with radioactive tracer
  • Industrial Wear Measurements
  • Detection of Flow Leakage
  • Chemical Separation Processes
  • Determination of Flow Velocity in Tube
  • Investigation of Flux in Open Channels with Radioactive Tracing Technique
  • Investigation of Turbulent Flow in Pipes with Radioactive Tracing Technique
  • Determination of Liquid Level in Tanks by Radiation Measurement Technique
  • Mixing Time Determination by Radioactive Tracing Technique
  • Vortex Flow Monitoring with Radioactive Tracing Technique
  • Thermal Discharge Investigation by Thermographic Method
  • Basin Water Surface Pollution Investigation by Radiation detection.

Laboratory Instrumentation

  • G.M Tube, Oxford Instruments
  • Viscosity Meter, VEB Prüfgerate–Werk Medingen
  • Mechanical Mixer, VM3 Cat
  • Vibrator, Elektromag M203 Model
  • Surface Thermometer, Thermistor Thermometer, Cole Parmer Tem5
  • Precision Balance, Sartorius type 1801
  • pH Meter, The Oyster Economy
  • Portable Refractometry, Model WYT-4
  • Infrared Thermometer, Oakton
  • Radiation Safety Instrumentation: Radiation Area Monitor (Radmon), Digital Alarm Dosimeter, (Superdad Model 1888A), Pencil Dosimeter, 823000


Laboratory Staff

Title- Name-SurnameRole and ResponsibilityE-mail / Phone
Prof. Dr. İskender A. ReyhancanLaboratory / +90 212 285 3884
Res. Asst. Onur ErbayLaboratory / +90 212 285 7393